The Mind

The sun is shining but I’m left in the dark. A fog blurs my mind like a haunting ghost. It’s warm outside, But my body is still cold. What is wrong with me? Should I drink some tea? Can I ignore the tension in my brain? Oh you’re fine, my mind reassures me. Maybe it’s... Continue Reading →

Because I Love You

  Everything I do Is because I love you. I love the way you smile, The way your eyes light up When you talk about things you adore. I love the way you snore in your sleep, The way you twitch and bump into me as you doze off. I love the ways in which... Continue Reading →

When is it worth living…

How do you know if life is worth living? You have hopes and dreams and fall in love… But it never works out. You put your joy in people - undeserving. You love them and give them your all. But no. They leave. They rip your heart out with their own hands, Each tug spreading... Continue Reading →

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