You Go Girl

The Blonde Quill is back in business! Took some time off from writing… well try 2 years off.  This is lame but I was busy with life!   Too busy to pursue my passions you ask?  No, I was not too busy to pursue my passions, so that was my mistake. Anyways, I have learned a lot lately as I am in college for Apparel Design … Continue reading You Go Girl

Revising & Editing

Revision and editing, two of the most dreaded words for many writers. Though these two words create stress and frustration in any writer, these mean different things. Revision is the act of going through your story and fixing holes in the plot, or perfecting the plot to your liking.  Reading each every page changing events, characters, or even the setting. Editing, on the other hand, … Continue reading Revising & Editing