Your Ocean

I’m swimming through dark waters, Lost in your ocean. My lungs collapse under the pressure, I feel like I’m going mad. You are ahead of me, Your dark hair waving in the water, Your eyes sparkle in the moonlight. I saw it for a second – just one second, Before you faded into the blackness, Between the beams of light from Mother Moon. My body … Continue reading Your Ocean

Let Go

I was scared, holding onto the only love I’ve ever known. I was holding onto the old us. In the beginning, you tried, you made me happy, and I was a priority. You bought me little gifts, sent me sweet morning texts, surprised me at work, and actually made time for me. Then, months went by and – everything changed. You stopped trying, and I … Continue reading Let Go


Remember the smoke that tormented the air, Like demons waiting for death. The same smoke that forcefully filled the lungs of our people… Remember the floors falling endlessly, From right underneath their feet. Did you hear the screams? The pleas for help? The cries for loved ones? Do you remember the people who fought Those demons despite their fear? Do you remember that horrific day? … Continue reading Remember

What Do I Want?

It’s been a year since I’ve asked myself, what do I want? I’ve been consumed with making a toxic relationship healthy, Consumed with making everyone happy and sometimes forgetting myself… I was content giving a man my all, loving him with my whole heart, Giving and giving and giving till there was nothing left to give… And he never gave back. I was happy because … Continue reading What Do I Want?

Weak Heart

It feels like years since I last saw you, since I last held you… When I try to think about life without you, my heart can’t handle it. I collapse from the brokenness, the shards stabbing my weak heart. I try to give it back to you, begging you to take my heart back. Please take my weak heart, tie it to yours, so it … Continue reading Weak Heart