Never Enough

They stood alone outside of her apartment. The frigid air chilled his bones. His heart ached. “Claire…” Jack’s voice trailed off as her back faced him. He could hear her breath come quick as if she was fighting a sob. “You don’t know me,” she said. Her voice was so soft, Jack thought he imagined it. He stepped closer, his breath caressing her neck, “I … Continue reading Never Enough


  The World- A sea of black and blue. Dark, like my mind. Isolated, like my heart. The World is quiet, Lonely, frightening. It’s a prison. My thoughts the bars, Holding me back. Back from what? From color? I walk the streets along, The ground beneath my weak legs Is unstable. I’m lost in a dark tunnel, Words attacking me. “You’re not enough” “No one … Continue reading Grey

You Go Girl

The Blonde Quill is back in business! Took some time off from writing… well try 2 years off.  This is lame but I was busy with life!   Too busy to pursue my passions you ask?  No, I was not too busy to pursue my passions, so that was my mistake. Anyways, I have learned a lot lately as I am in college for Apparel Design … Continue reading You Go Girl