Your Ocean

I’m swimming through dark waters,

Lost in your ocean.

My lungs collapse under the pressure,

I feel like I’m going mad.

You are ahead of me,

Your dark hair waving in the water,

Your eyes sparkle in the moonlight.

I saw it for a second – just one second,

Before you faded into the blackness,

Between the beams of light from

Mother Moon.

My body works frantically to find you,

To swim to you.

Why’d you turn away?

I look behind me, blackness follows.

I lost myself in your ocean,

Only to be stuck between you

and my old self…

I peer through stormy currents

to stare at the Golden Crescent.

“Do I turn back?” I asked her.

“Or do I keep fighting for him?”

My eyes burned for staring at her,

waiting for an answer.

For hope.

For anything…

Your ocean consumed me,

The dark blues and blacks

clouded my mind, my heart, my soul.

I succumbed my body to the darkness

till there was nothing left…

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