Where is the Church? – thoughts on recent events

You’re confused.




Where am I?

Was I driving?

Then it hits – I am being arrested.

Images of people dying on the news by the hand of our “protectors” flash in your mind –

“I’m next,” you think.

So you begin to fight,

To resist,

To run…



“It was his fault!”

“That was warranted.”

“What did he think was going to happen?”


A man was murdered for a mistake.

Murdered for being confused & scared.

Shot in the back,

The back,






What if this man was your father?

Your husband?

Your son?

Your brother?


Would you think such a killing was warranted?

Would you support the man behind the trigger?

All because your loved one may have been a danger,

But in the end wasn’t a danger at all?





“Thou shall not kill.”

Has the church really become so fickle?

So fickle that some killings are deemed just and others are evil?

Why is that?

Have we lost the ability to see injustice,

To speak up for our brothers and sisters in Christ?


How has the human life become so disposable?




No child of God can possibly condone the countless unjustifiable deaths taking place around us.

Where is the church in the midst of all this?


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