I never knew grief until that day, When I came home to find my brother  Sobbing on the kitchen floor. His chest heaving with heartbreak, Desperate whimpers escaping his mouth. All I could do was stand there  In complete and utter shock. “Jackie passed away this morning”. Those ugly words rang in my ears Jackie... Continue Reading →


Happiness begins with living. With truly being free and comfortable in who you are. Happiness is yours to create. I used to grasp for people's hands, rely on other broken hearted people to ground me and make me feel - anything. Then, I lost the person I love. Then, I had to find myself again...... Continue Reading →

Dust to Dust

Alone in the garden I stumble upon an apple tree But this is no ordinary tree - no It has been in the family for generations This tree is strength, creation, protection, love… The tree sighs heavy breaths as it inhales and exhales The cool summer air. I breathe in sync with her Admiring her... Continue Reading →

Surely Love is Enough

Surely love is enough. The love I have for you That consumes me And fills me with  Endless butterflies Is enough.  Love is freeing, I can relax knowing That I have found Something so real So raw.  But, It’s not everything I thought it would be… Yes, it is freeing And fun, Yet I feel... Continue Reading →

Your Ocean

I'm swimming through dark waters, Lost in your ocean. My lungs collapse under the pressure, I feel like I'm going mad. You are ahead of me, Your dark hair waving in the water, Your eyes sparkle in the moonlight. I saw it for a second - just one second, Before you faded into the blackness,... Continue Reading →

Fate or Destiny

Why? Why does it all have to be so confusing? Complicated - Convoluted - Completely out of my control.... I told myself I was done - forever. But then I saw you again, in my dreams. Every night for a week, I dreamt of you. I saw your chocolate eyes, your broad smile, felt the... Continue Reading →

Let Go

I was scared, holding onto the only love I've ever known. I was holding onto the old us. In the beginning, you tried, you made me happy, and I was a priority. You bought me little gifts, sent me sweet morning texts, surprised me at work, and actually made time for me. Then, months went... Continue Reading →


Remember the smoke that tormented the air, Like demons waiting for death. The same smoke that forcefully filled the lungs of our people... Remember the floors falling endlessly, From right underneath their feet. Did you hear the screams? The pleas for help? The cries for loved ones? Do you remember the people who fought Those... Continue Reading →

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