Run With You

I don’t know

how many times

you’ve been



and I don’t know

how many times

you’ve fallen


but I do know one thing.


You make me

want to run with you.


You make me

want to find

that one place,


where I can surrender

and make sense

of all this love


I have contained



I want to run away

with you…


somewhere far…


where the wolves

have gone missing


and butterflies

continuously spread their wings.


I want to find this place

with you…


and I want to grow

old there.


That’s all.


– Robert M. Drake






Her hair flows behind her as she runs through the darkness.  Life hits her at every angle, but she continues to get back up.  Her body is covered in bruises, scrapes and scars.  Each mark from a hurtful word, a painful touch, a self hating thought…

She still runs.

Her body is weak, but her mind is strong.  She gets up.  She runs.

What is she running from?

Aren’t we all running?

Running away from our fears, running away from responsible.  But also away from evil, away from threats and unnecessary pain.

I am running with her.

In the darkness I see her hair.  The long, golden tresses glow in the blackness.

Where are we running to?

I see it.

There is light in the distance.  I keep running.

I run for life, I run for joy, I run for love.

I run because of the hurt, because of the heart ache.  Despite the darkness, there is light.

We run for the light.

My body is covered in bruises, scrapes and scars, but it reminds me of where I’ve been.

Now, I’m heading into the light…

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