Let Go

I was scared,

holding onto the

only love I’ve ever known.

I was holding onto

the old us.

In the beginning,

you tried,

you made me happy,

and I was a priority.

You bought me little gifts,

sent me sweet morning texts,

surprised me at work,

and actually made time for me.

Then, months went by and –

everything changed.

You stopped trying,

and I was working

so hard to keep a dead relationship


You killed me,

trying to make you happy

killed me.

I was scared to let go

of the man I thought you were.

You aren’t that man anymore.

Love – true love – shouldn’t

be so completely difficult,



I was scared to let go,

but now I know

you were never worthy of

my love.

I’ve let go.

“Empty Bottles Full of Stories” by Robert M. Drake

The beautiful gift and curse of being human, to give and to take away. It is both a curse and a blessing to feel things so deeply. And too much of anything will always be too much for you to bear. Always.
And all of us are terribly looking for ways NOT to shatter. And too often do we, as people, only appreciate someone once they are gone. The past is always growing and time is just another metaphor that represents all the people we’ve lost.
The world doesn’t make much sense without the people you love. Sadness, like happiness, is delicate and temporary. So please go on gently and always remember to let all things that weigh you down go.


I recently bought Drake’s poetry book “Empty Bottles Full of Stories”… it is a marvelous book and Drake is a very talented writer.  When reading his poems, I highlight certain phrases that really stick out to me.  Here are a few highlighted verses that I put together to paint a different picture.


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