Historical Fiction: My City

The moon’s light broke through my blinds as I tried to fall asleep. Nothing like a world war keeps you up late night after night of wondering if Hitler will choose to dispose of your people… How could he do such a thing? How can he be stopped? A flash of light clouded my thoughts.... Continue Reading →

Don’t Leave Me

His lips soft against mine. Then more pressing. Hands sliding down my body, gently, slowly. Touching every inch of me. They please me. They make me cry out. But then it hurts. Then, I touch him. I glide my tongue along him. I tease him with my plump lips. Please him with my body. Ever... Continue Reading →

Never Enough

They stood alone outside of her apartment. The frigid air chilled his bones. His heart ached. “Claire…” Jack’s voice trailed off as her back faced him. He could hear her breath come quick as if she was fighting a sob. “You don’t know me,” she said. Her voice was so soft, Jack thought he imagined... Continue Reading →

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