Her Spirit

Her spirit knows there is something wrong before it is physically manifested.  She has anxious, looming thoughts and feelings about the future.  At night, her body curls up as she dreams of the depressing inevitable.  She awakes, shaking, feeling a tear slide down her cheek.  “No”, she begs.  “Please no…” The days continue on, the same foreboding ache in her heart.  She tries to ignore … Continue reading Her Spirit

Creativity can NOT be Contained

“Your intro needs to look like this…” “Don’t be cliché…” “Your character should be relatable…” “Make sure there is a point to your writing…” I have heard these comments constantly when reviewing a written work. You know what I say to those kinds of writing rules? To hell with them. Writing is a free, emotional outlet – so write what makes you happy.  Write what … Continue reading Creativity can NOT be Contained

Where is the Church? – thoughts on recent events

You’re confused. Lost. Dazed.   Where am I? Was I driving? Then it hits – I am being arrested. Images of people dying on the news by the hand of our “protectors” flash in your mind – “I’m next,” you think. So you begin to fight, To resist, To run… BANG BANG “It was his fault!” “That was warranted.” “What did he think was going … Continue reading Where is the Church? – thoughts on recent events


Reality sucks, I hate it… But I know it is coming for me. I am perfectly comfortable Living in the romanticism in my mind, The dreams of my heart And hopes for the future. But now, Everything feels like it’s crumbling – Down, down, down… Into the depths of despair. I am scared.   I am scared of the realities of heartache. I am scared … Continue reading Reality