Rules for Your Writing Resolutions 


Happy New Year!  I’m certain 2017 will be a wonderful year full of success for those who are diligent. 

Resolutions for the new year are always difficult to keep, but with these helpful pointers I’m sure everyone can become closer to achieving their writing goals!  

1. Create Goals.  Be thoughtful about what you wish to accomplish this year.  Challenge yourself, stretch your writing capabilities like never before!  Choose a goal, no matter how large or small, for each month of 2017.  

2. Make a Schedule.  Simply creating deadlines for yourself will push you to getting closer and closer to completing your goals!  Be sure to make the deadlines realistic for each month to enable you to complete a task within a comfortable amount of time. 

3.  Set a Time.  Scheduling a goal to accomplish in a month is important, but so is scheduling for the week.  Set a time at least once a week for yourself to be alone and work.  Add on to a character description or write a page for your current chapter within that time. Life is busy, I know, so if you miss a week you could always do double time the next! 

I hope these quick rules aid in your writing resolutions!  Be sure to comment your resolutions for this new year! 

~ 2 Corinthians 5:17,19 ~ 

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