Unfortunate School


School has started and students everywhere are dreading early mornings, late nights with homework, and sports conditioning.  These things only worry me a little bit, but I have bigger problems ahead of me.

Last year I took the pass to use the restroom during my math class.  Easy thing to do, use the bathroom and get back to class, but that’s not how it went.

I walk back in to class and hang the pass on the wall.  I turn to see a class full of unfamiliar faces staring at me.  Every eye looking at me humorously, I froze.  Then the teacher made a comment about me being in the wrong class which did not make anything better.

I said “Oh crap” and then walked out briskly with the pass.  I walked into the class before mine!

This is the problem.  Will I walk into the wrong class again and freeze in front of twenty some people?  Probably.

I’ve already walked into the wrong class and I’ve had three days of school!  That calls for an unfortunate school year ahead.  One full of laughs, awkwardness, and fun all in one!

Email me with any of your embarrassing moments from school, I’m sure they are just as bad as all of mine!

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