What is Conflict?


Conflict is a serious argument or problem.  How are you using conflict in your story?  Are you using it to develop your characters or are you writing little quarrels just to fill the pages?

Conflict is a serious argument or problem, typically what motivates your character.

Conflict is not to be taken lightly, it is a main part of your novel!  Using this allows you to create suspense and intrigue your readers.

Using conflict not only captures more attention, but also exposes your characters’ traits.  In life, if you go through a rough time, it really brings out who you truly are, so who are your characters?  Are they strong and capable, or do they crush under pressure?

As conflict is a natural part of life, it is a natural part of writing as well.  Conflict is necessary to keep a story going.  The main conflict in a story is the primary plot, but don’t exclude minor conflicts.

Don’t just write useless conflicts between characters to add length to your novel, write conflicts that give more depth to your story.  With main and minor conflicts, your readers will be able to see what motivates the character, which is oh so important!  Without motivation, what’s the point of your character’s life?  What would they strive for?

Write conflict, write about how life is hard, write about why your characters do what they do.  Conflict makes your story great, so don’t ignore it!

“The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”  Thomas Paine

James 1:12

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