Writing in a Journal


Writers write.  We dream, we think too much for our own good, and we people watch.  All of these things help a writer complete a story, but what about your story?

Journaling is writing down personal experiences, ideas, and reflections kept to one’s self.

I can not stress the importance of journaling enough!  Journaling has helped me in my faith with the Lord, through depression, and through other personal problems in my life.  Writing down thoughts and ideas has made me ask more thought provoking questions, seeking the truth every where I look.  Making me more attentive to the world around me.

Keeping a journal not only helps you grow independently, but also helps with book ideas and plots.  Writing down reflections on life, people, and your surroundings will enable you to create an extraordinary world within your novel.  Each little entry you write may end up making the difference between a mediocre book, and one that wins awards!

Journaling keeps you writing, and as a writer, that’s important.  Writers need to write constantly because it is a skill, and practice makes perfect, right?  Whenever you think of an interesting question, write it down in either your phone or notebook.  Write down anything and everything you think, and don’t forget personal experiences.  Writing about your own life not only helps you vent, but it also allows you to laugh about things later in life.  Who knows, your journal could be published later on in life as an autobiography.

Write as often as you can between work, school, athletics, family, and friends.  Take some time at the end of the day today to write about what you are thinking.  This not only allows you to explore your imagination and mind, but creates a more critical thinking process in the real world.

Journaling has many benefits, and did I leave out how fun it can be just to write about whatever?

“And so I kept writing to myself.” ~ Kimberly Novosel, Loved

Psalm 119:1-2


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