Revising & Editing


Revision and editing, two of the most dreaded words for many writers.

Though these two words create stress and frustration in any writer, these mean different things.

Revision is the act of going through your story and fixing holes in the plot, or perfecting the plot to your liking.  Reading each every page changing events, characters, or even the setting.

Editing, on the other hand, is reading each line critically, correcting even the smallest grammatical mistakes.  Through editing, you change verbs to more impactful ones, fix run on sentences, and so on.

Each of these are so important!  They should not happen simultaneously because if you are editing while revising, you may not be able to create the scene you want.  It is better to first revise after taking a break from your novel so you have fresh eyes and fresh thoughts.  Revising helps character development, eliminating unnecessary parts, and enhancing what is presented.

After revising, take a short break from your book then begin the dreaded editing.  Read everything critically to fix spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and vocabulary.  Be sure that the way you are writing is the same through out your novel.

Revise and edit as many times as you need, I certainly have.

If you have any questions about revising and editing, feel free to ask!

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