Memorable Characters


I love reading a book where I feel as if I truly know a character, where I can see their physical features in my head, and know their personality.

In order to create such a character, you as the author need to know them completely.  Write a back story about them, even if you don’t use it, just to get their personality forming.

Did they experience some sort of family trauma as a child?  Is that what makes them unable to trust others?  Did their house catch on fire, so they lost everything?  Is that why they don’t take anything for granted?

Give your character a distinct voice, so when they are involved in dialogue, the reader will know just who is talking.  If they say “well” before each sentence, or “hm” in every conversation, use it!  It builds character!

Quirks and flaws always build your character into a more interesting person, so don’t be afraid to give your character anxiety or stupid humor.  No one likes to read about a perfect person with no problems.  Make your characters relatable and realistic so the reader can connect on an emotional level.

In any book, characters equal action.  Keep your readers on the edge of their seat by making your character do unexpected things.  This will draw in the reader’s attention and ask “why did they do that?”.  This will encourage the audience to keep reading your story!

Give specific details about your characters eyes, smile, or body, but don’t go explaining everything.  Minor but exact details are key in helping the reader create your character in their heads.  Being imaginative is always the fun part of reading, so don’t steal that from anyone!

Does your character have something to live for?  In the middle of your plot, allow your character to want something more.  If it’s a mystery, your character may want to solve the crime, but they may also want to find out a family secret in the midst of everything else.  Keep it interesting!

Having trouble creating a character, regardless of advice?  Pick someone who has a big personality in your life, and remake them into one of your characters.  Using traits and personalities of people around you is always a key inspiration to write and create someone.


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