5 Ways to get Your Story Started


As a writer, it gets hard brain storming the perfect book, especially when you feel as though you just can’t think straight!  Here is a list of ideas to get your mind working!

Remember Your Dreams!  Have you ever woken up one morning and thought “that was a crazy dream”… Write it down!  You never know if an action packed dream can turn into your next book.

Look Around You!  Is there an interesting man keeping to himself at the cafe?  What do you suppose he’s up to?  What kind of a life do you think he must have?  Why is an old building being torn down at the corner of the street?  Who wanted it torn down and why?  The world is an interesting place, just be observant and start asking questions!

Read!  You never know if you’ll come up with an incredible plot when reading because it gets your creative juices flowing!  Read newspapers, magazines, books, and the CNN website; you never know what intriguing story may be waiting within the depths of illegal actions and drama.

Listen Up!  Eavesdrop the conversations that are happening around you.  Teen drama, marriage problems, or even a nasty boss at work can get a story forming!  Listen to everything and anything you over hear and ask questions to yourself, something good may come out of it.

Be Aware!  Know what’s happening in the world of terrorism and politics, these issues could potentially give you an idea for a thrilling mystery.  Pay attention to criminal activity and presidential speeches, these topics always make for a popular novel.

Use these tips to create your next book!

Which tip helped you the most?  Contact me at theblondequill@gmail.com.  Thanks!


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