Can Creative Writing be Taught?


The huge question in writing: can it truly be taught?

Can you teach a person who doesn’t like telling to stories to write them with such detail that attracts audiences?  Can you teach someone to be imaginative in their own way?

Immediately, my answer is no.  You can not teach a person how to imagine their dreams and fears because it is a part of who they are!  What you imagine is unique to you, and if someone isn’t very imaginative, you can’t teach them to be.

Creative writing is something you either have, or don’t have.  If you have good plot ideas with unique creativity, but your writing isn’t very good, you can learn to write in your own style.

To learn your writing style is through reading.  Read, read, read!  Through analyzing different authors and their writing styles, you can find your way in the writing world while using basic tips and tools from others.

Once you have a writing style for yourself, you add your creative stories and unique twists to create a novel.

Creative writing cannot be taught because your creativity must come from your own mind, your own imagination.  Imagination isn’t something you can teach to a student, sadly, but writing itself can bet taught and built upon with time.

Be yourself, write the way you want to, and open up your imagination!

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