Narrative Writing: Share Your Story Well!

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Narrative writing is story based, usually ending in a moral or greater idea.  You want to leave your reader with new insight, having learned something fresh.  In all writing, you must have a main idea or point to your story, and in narrative writing, be sure to have an eye opening purpose.  Readers will appreciate it.

Whether writing non-fiction narratives or fiction, use detail!  Use them precisely to create an image for readers, but don’t become distracted from the story you are telling by explaining everything.

To further create your setting, be sure to use all 5 senses so your reader engages in every aspect of your story.  This is key in all writing to accomplish a well rounded world.  Don’t just focus on the visual, other senses are just as important!

Narrative writing appeals to humankind’s instinct to share stories.  Share the story in chronological order of time while using details and senses.  Keep it action packed and interesting, add some pizzazz!  Use concrete language also to encourage clear understanding throughout the narrative.

Narratives are infamous for giving readers empathy for others.  Do so if it fits the topic of your story!

Now you have a few tips for your narrative, now go write!

“Writing is a dangerous profession.  There is no telling what hole you may rip in society’s carefully woven master narrative.”  Danielle Orner

Matthew 23:12

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